ArtistAlbumReviewerReview Date
The CoyA Beautiful SadVish Iyer2005-02-04
MatmosA Chance To Cut Is A Chance To CureCory Galliher2006-07-11
Marianne FaithfullA Child's AdventureMark Millan2009-09-14
Annie LennoxA Christmas CornucopiaDavid Bowling2010-12-04
IncubusA Crow Left Of The MurderBrian Birnbaum2006-10-26
Wes MontgomeryA Day In The LifeJedediah Pressgrove2009-02-17
Steely DanA Decade Of Steely DanBenjamin Ray2006-01-20
Alice CooperA Fistful Of AliceRoland Fratzl2001-10-27
Various ArtistsA Fistful Of Rock N' Roll Volume 2Christopher Thelen2000-06-12
Various ArtistsA Fistful Of Rock N' Roll Volume 3Christopher Thelen2000-06-19
Original ScoreA History Of ViolenceJason Warburg2005-11-17
Snow PatrolA Hundred Million SunsJono Russell2008-11-06
Mary J. BligeA Mary ChristmasMark Millan2013-12-24
A Million Billion Dying SunsA Million Billion Dying SunsVish Iyer2015-01-02
Meredith BlisA Purple Kind Of BlueJeff Clutterbuck2005-11-18
The WhoA Quick One (Happy Jack)Christopher Thelen1998-11-07
Jesse WinchesterA Reasonable Amount Of TroubleDavid Bowling2014-08-21
Pink FloydA Saucerful Of SecretsChristopher Thelen2005-07-07
IslandsA Sleep And A ForgettingMelanie Love2012-02-22
John MayallA Special LifeDavid Bowling2014-05-30
Frank ZappaA Token of His Extreme (DVD)David Bowling2013-07-23
GenesisA Trick Of The TailBruce Rusk2005-05-13
Twisted SisterA Twisted X-Mas: Live In Las VegasPaul Hanson2012-12-20
Various ArtistsA Voyage Into Trance: Mixed By Paul OakenfoldChristopher Thelen2001-07-22
Bloc PartyA Weekend In The CityMelanie Love2007-03-12
Todd RundgrenA Wizard / A True StarMark Feldman1999-11-21
Jimmy BuffettA1AChristopher Thelen1998-01-27
Ellen FoleyAbout TimeDavid Bowling2013-07-02
Leroy JusticeAbove The WeatherTom Haugen2013-09-14
Billy SquierAbsolute HitsJulia Skochko2008-11-30

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