ArtistAlbumReviewerReview Date
Rhythm LogicRhythm LogicChristopher Thelen1999-10-23
Fleming & JohnThe Way We AreChristopher Thelen1999-05-14
Robin WilliamsLive 2002Christopher Thelen2003-01-02
Jim BrickmanVisions Of LoveChristopher Thelen2001-09-23
Original ScoreKing ArthurChristopher Thelen2004-08-26
Denis LearyNo Cure For CancerChristopher Thelen1997-12-11
Frank ZappaHot RatsChristopher Thelen1997-01-17
Lock UpPleasures Pave SewersChristopher Thelen2000-04-20
Bob DylanThe Freewheelin' Bob DylanChristopher Thelen1999-10-02
Lionel RichieLionel RichieChristopher Thelen1999-05-10
Masters Of RealityWelcome To The Western LodgeChristopher Thelen2001-09-10
SoundtrackA Bug's LifeChristopher Thelen1999-01-10
John DenverPoems, Prayers & PromisesChristopher Thelen1997-11-16
Jethro TullStand UpChristopher Thelen1999-07-27
Vanden PlasSpirit Of LiveChristopher Thelen2001-06-02
R.E.M.EponymousChristopher Thelen2000-03-25
Ted NugentFree-For-AllChristopher Thelen1998-07-29
HypocrisyHypocrisy Destroys WackenChristopher Thelen1999-04-20
Randall BramblettNo More Mr. LuckyChristopher Thelen2001-08-28
Tanya DonellyLovesongs For UnderdogsChristopher Thelen1997-10-09
W.A.S.P.The Best Of The Best Volume One: 1984-2000Christopher Thelen2000-03-17
Dan FogelbergHigh Country SnowsChristopher Thelen2008-03-17
PC69ElectrifiedChristopher Thelen1999-07-21
The WhoWho's NextChristopher Thelen1998-04-17
Dana CunninghamDancing At The GateChristopher Thelen2002-06-12
James HunterKick It AroundChristopher Thelen2001-07-25
Rita FordA Music Box ChristmasChristopher Thelen1998-12-08
Alice In ChainsSapChristopher Thelen1999-03-10
ZZ TopEliminatorChristopher Thelen2017-02-06
ohGrWeltChristopher Thelen2001-04-02

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