ArtistAlbumReviewerReview Date
Dream TheaterAwakeChristopher Thelen2000-08-07
Hound Dog Taylor & The HouserockersNatural BoogieChristopher Thelen1998-04-07
The SweathogsHappy AnarchyChristopher Thelen2000-11-25
Various ArtistsThe Last Great Thing You DidChristopher Thelen1999-05-27
Andy WilliamsMerry ChristmasChristopher Thelen2000-12-24
BentmenImmaculate ContraptionChristopher Thelen2001-02-01
Eric ClaptonEric ClaptonChristopher Thelen1998-07-03
ClydeClydeChristopher Thelen2001-09-03
SolarizedDrivenChristopher Thelen2002-02-08
SexpodGoddess BluesChristopher Thelen1997-03-26
Donnie IrisBack On The StreetsChristopher Thelen1997-08-29
Snooky PryorMind Your Own BusinessChristopher Thelen1998-01-22
Molly Hatchet25th Anniversary Best Of Re-recordedChristopher Thelen2004-05-28
Al StewartYear Of The CatChristopher Thelen1998-11-01
Pissing RazorsPissing RazorsChristopher Thelen1999-01-08
"Weird Al" Yankovic"Weird Al" YankovicChristopher Thelen2000-01-08
Rick WakemanThe Other Side Of Rick Wakeman [DVD]Christopher Thelen2007-09-11
StyxThe Grand IllusionChristopher Thelen1998-08-08
RainbowRitchie Blackmore's RainbowChristopher Thelen2010-11-09
Gary MooreBack To The BluesChristopher Thelen2001-04-09
Primal ScreamScreamadelica Live (DVD)Christopher Thelen2011-07-20
HellchildBareskinChristopher Thelen2000-03-08
Paul OscherThe Deep Blues Of Paul OscherChristopher Thelen1998-02-26
The Lonely BearsInjusticeChristopher Thelen2000-07-18
Kim Lenz & the JaguarsKim Lenz & Her JaguarsChristopher Thelen1998-04-23
Mercyful FateThe BeginningChristopher Thelen2000-10-17
Buzz ProphetsKentuckyChristopher Thelen1999-05-21
Uriah HeepFireflyChristopher Thelen2000-12-11
Gangsta Bitch BarbieThis Is Not A TestChristopher Thelen1999-06-21
Blush 66DomecstasyChristopher Thelen2001-01-09

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