ArtistAlbumReviewerReview Date
Jim PeterikJim Peterik And World StageChristopher Thelen2001-03-15
Deep PurpleIn Concert With The London Symphony OrchestraChristopher Thelen2000-03-28
King CrimsonLizardChristopher Thelen1998-10-19
Blush 66DomecstasyChristopher Thelen2001-01-09
Jeff LorberMidnightChristopher Thelen1999-04-27
NirvanaFrom The Muddy Banks Of The WishkahChristopher Thelen1998-06-09
RushDifferent StagesChristopher Thelen1999-01-15
ClydeClydeChristopher Thelen2001-09-03
Tina & The B-SidesIt's All Just The SameChristopher Thelen1999-05-02
Body CountBody CountChristopher Thelen1997-04-18
Dream TheaterAwakeChristopher Thelen2000-08-07
The TheInfectedChristopher Thelen1998-08-20
Various ArtistsThe Best Of Rap CityChristopher Thelen1999-11-29
John WashburnStumbling Still Warm...Christopher Thelen2002-02-07
The Dead MilkmenBig Lizard In My BackyardChristopher Thelen1997-09-10
The SweathogsHappy AnarchyChristopher Thelen2000-11-25
Fueled By IgnoranceTearsChristopher Thelen1999-02-10
SoundtrackAlice In WonderlandChristopher Thelen1999-08-07
VomitoryBlood RaptureChristopher Thelen2004-06-30
3 Doors DownThe Better LifeChristopher Thelen2000-02-07
Johnson BrothersUno!Christopher Thelen2002-07-30
AcceptThe Final ChapterChristopher Thelen1998-03-07
Andy WilliamsMerry ChristmasChristopher Thelen2000-12-24
Matthew SweetSon Of Altered BeastChristopher Thelen1999-03-28
W.A.S.P.Unholy TerrorChristopher Thelen2001-04-03
RadfordRadfordChristopher Thelen2000-05-14
Chinaman / 2 Live CrewStop Playin'Christopher Thelen2003-09-30
The Freight HoppersWaiting On The Gravy TrainChristopher Thelen1998-11-10
BentmenImmaculate ContraptionChristopher Thelen2001-02-01
Various ArtistsSlip This On And Rock HardChristopher Thelen1999-04-09

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