Life & Times of Steve Mariott + 1973 Complete Winterland Show

Humble Pie

Cleopatra Records, 2019

REVIEW BY: Mark Kadzielawa


Humble Pie was able to rival the best of the best on a good day. And there were plenty of good days, but also many not so good days. The lack of consistency and determination did not allow the band to be as successful as they should’ve been. They sure did have what it takes, though, and on stage they were an amazing band.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

This set is absolutely amazing. It’s simple the best of both worlds for any Humble Pie fan.  It’s a combination of CD/DVD/Blu-Ray and some kickass material. The visual material includes a feature titled The Life & Times of Steve Marriott. Humble Pie’s enigmatic frontman and leader is shown here through his music and a narrative of his tumultuous life. There are plenty of special features that add to this incredibly deep special. The behind the scenes and interviews really paint a true picture of Marriott. 

The CD portion of this release is a recording of a Humble Pie concert from the Winterland in 1973. As good as the video portion was, this is a real proof of Humble Pie’s greatness. This show just rocks! The band is on fire, and they just fly from song to song. Whether it’s an original or a cover, in this moment, it becomes a Humble Pie song. The band just jams and explores the limits of every track here  It feels more like a ritual than a concert. An absolute must and a key to understanding this great but forgotten band.

This set is beautifully packaged and well researched. It’s great to have many of these video clips on one disc, and of course, a choice as to which media you choose to watch. Humble Pie fans will eat this up without asking questions, but it’s a great way to introduce new fans into the Humble Pie’s world.

Rating: A

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