Strawberry Backstory

Be No Rain

One Two Many Records, 2020

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


The London pop artist Sam Frankl, aka Be No Rain, turns in a very focused and intricate debut album here. The sounds of the early '80s as well as today's version of electro-pop are present and appreciated. Frankl is  a songwriter who embraces both a nostalgic and eclectic approach. He spent time DJing in exotic countries, which also factors into his charming mashing of worldly music. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Deadweight” starts the listen with a soulful pop approach that will get your fingers snapping and body moving to the atmospheric opener, which continues to the playful synth of the sleek electro-pop setting that is “Know Better.”

Other tracks on the first half include the percussively strong and club-friendly “Man To A Woman,” while “Holding Hands In Plastic Gloves” is a lush and memorable step into dreamy territory. “Media Luna,” the highlight from this portion, brings ambience and piano to a bare but impactful environment that's minimal yet quite intriguing.

The back half of the listen leads with “I Will Call You From Where I Land,” where breathy vocals and an eccentric approach give it a mysterious quality. The single “All Night, Right?,” the best track across the entire listen, then displays a perfect medium between indie rock and synth-pop, where manipulated vocals and charming bass work won't go unnoticed.

“Call Back,” a deep track, would seem right at home on the soundtrack to a Pretty In Pink remake; much style and creativity is aglow in Be No Rain's retro-friendly vision.

Strawberry Backstory  is a record that could suit a night rollerskating under a disco ball in 1980 just as it could an evening at any dance club in any major city today. Be No Rain easily stands out in a large pool of synth-pop outfits that exist today, and this album is a fantastic starting point to what will likely become an esteemed career.

Rating: B

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