The Definitive Collection

The Alan Parsons Project

Arista Records, 1997

REVIEW BY: Duke Egbert


I like to think of this review as a public service. There are approximately a googol of various Alan Parsons Project greatest hits collections -- it seems like every time Arista records needs a new espresso maker on the eighth floor they whip one out (courtesy of a cheap third-party CD printer in Uzbekistan). So here's the public service part; there is only one collection CD by the Alan Parsons Project that's worth buying. Do not waste your money on any other; my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 The Definitive Collection is just that.

Why, you ask? First off, it's nice and big. Thirty-four tracks spanning Tales Of Mystery And Imagination to Try Anything Once, it has a few hidden gems on it ("If I Could Change Your Mind" and "The Eagle Will Rise Again" come to mind). Secondly, it's completely remastered, which makes a real difference on some of the early tracks -- "Don't Let It Show" and "Damned If I Do" take on new, vibrant life here. The original production wasn't bad, but limited by the technology available.

Finally -- and perhaps most importantly -- it's a pretty good summary of exactly what the Project was about. With the tracks in chronological order, you can follow the progress of Eric Woolfson's compositions and Alan Parsons' production through the early prog-rock days, through the hit era of the early eighties, into the first flare of Parsons on his own. While I normally think Arista Records is the domain of not-too-clever trained monkeys, someone actually took the time to do this right, and it's an excellent example of exactly what it's supposed to be; a collection of the biggest, a hint that makes you interested in hearing more.

Don't waste your time with any other APP collection. If you only own one CD by Alan Parsons (and shame on you if you do, but that's my opinion) The Definitive Collection is a great choice.

Rating: A-

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