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REVIEW BY: Paul Hanson


Act #2 of Hanson Concert Day #1 is Sevendust. As an opening act, Sevendust will probably not be allotted enough time for their slot. Not taking anything from Megadeth or Monster Magnet (the first act on tonight's festivities), but I hope their set is longer than the normal 45 minutes usually allotted when bands come through Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Hell, Cheap Trick barely got 45 minutes when they opened for Motley Crue in September of 1997.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Bred from the same stomping grounds as Stuck Mojo and WCW Wrestling (Atlanta), Sevendust are an up-and-coming metal band. You may have seen or heard this album's first track "Black" on MTV or on the radio. I'm here to say that, like most excellent bands, this disc is more than what mainstream audiences can handle. This is metal for 48 minutes.

"Black" is a suitable introduction to the band. Its groove is heavy and almost White Zombie-like. It doesn't rack the band into a mold but rather makes you want to hear more and more and more.

However, I prefer a track like "Prayer." It showcases the band's ability to bounce in and among the genre's boundaries. Sevendust are at their best when they're breaking metal's mold. "Prayer" starts out semi-psychedelic with some trippy guitars and groovin' drums before erupting into a mosh-pit groove as vocalist Lajon demands, "Who do you pray to?"

Another great song is "Face," which builds upon a solid plod groove. Lajon once again shines with rap-like lyrics that fall from his mouth fluidly, beginning with "Come along with me on an acid trip" and after that, my fingers can't keep up.

The album ends with another strong track, "Born To Die." This could easily have been the lead-off track. It serves as closure for a great contemporary metal album.

Sevendust is a band with which others will need to contend with as the years go on and they release more albums. Produced by Twisted Sister's Jay Jay French and Mark Mendoza, there is a fullness to the music here. If this band is "about" anything, it is about heavy metal. The production is worth mentioning because this team might be one a certain Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield might be interested in. Sure, there's lots of "noise" (for a lack of a better word) happening in the background, but it gives the band a thick and sludgy sound. I like it.

They are also my pick for Hanson Concert Day #1. Yeah, as if I had anything to do with them touring with Megadeth.

Rating: A

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