CMC International Records, 1998

REVIEW BY: Paul Hanson


I got a hold of this disc more because I was curious what this band would sound like in 1998. I think their last album was Rev It Up but from what I remember of it, it wasn't very memorable. They had a mildly successful radio hit with "Edge Of A Broken Heart" from their first self-titled release.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Selective amnesia has worked wonders for other bands and Vixen might be another wonder. The press kit that came with this disc bounces over the hairspray, cliche, and music from their earlier releases to portray this as a new band. After listening to Tangerine, I'd agree the band has gone in a new and better direction. Vixen have reinvented themselves and, unlike Dokken and Metallica, their redirection is successful.

Tangerine finds the band totally reworking their sound into a more 90s sound. For example, track one "Page" sounds like Alice in Chains. By second track "Tangerine," all memories of leather and hairspray are gone. There's a bite to this new sound that is catchy, heavy and radio-friendly all at once.

This disc satisfies on all levels. "Never Say Never" is destined to be a radio smash with its unbelievably catch chorus:

"You said you'd never say never

I know you remember

Now your(sic) saying never

And I'm lost forever."

New guitarist Gina Stile shines the brightest with a scorching riff that softens its way to a calm melodic outro.

First single "Shut Up" might have been my second choice (first being "Never Say Never") but rocks nonetheless. The disc ends with a 2 minute scorching instrumental. If you had any doubts about the band's musical ability to this point, this untitled track erases all doubts.

Your mission, which you should accept with a smile, is to locate this disc. The 1998 repackaged Vixen will rock your world.

Assuming, of course, that they don't abandon this newfound style, I can't wait to get their next album. You'll see it here when it comes out.

Rating: A

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