Last Night


Mute Records, 2008

REVIEW BY: Michael R. Smith


If I hadn’t heard it, I would never have believed it. Moby has created a magnum opus for DJs around the world, effectively capturing the sound, flavor and excitement of the nightclub scene on his best album to date, Last Night. This one brought me right back to West Hollywood circa 1992, which was coincidentally the year Moby released his very first self-titled techno album. Since those humble beginnings, Moby has come a long way.

Every track on Last Night is a miracle. The faceless, soulful disco divas singing the words, the ambient flourishes, the beat, the vibe -- it’s all there in spades. The electro opening cut “Ooh Yeah”my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 sets the magical tone for the two amazing #1 club play singles “I Love To Move In Here” and “Disco Lies” that are to follow. Keeping it current, there’s even a new gangsta anthem “Alice” to keep the hip-hoppers happy, with Moby supplying some nice vocals to the mix.

Initially, I was going to wait until next year to include this review as part of my upcoming dance music series. But an album this good isn’t going to be told to wait. Anyone with a passing knowledge or the faintest interest in dance music will agree -- this is Moby like you’ve never heard him before. Even the ever-popular Play can’t compare. Sure, that record was groundbreaking in its own right, but those Cajun samples and ambient pieces don’t exactly have a long shelf life. This, on the other hand, contains music that is simply timeless. It could very well have been released back in the ‘90s. Perhaps Moby is wishing he could be twenty years younger and experience being a club kid again. I know I do.

I stumbled on this album purely by accident. I was actually researching the club play charts from the last thirty years when I came across Moby’s name listed twice for 2008. Now, I had heard he had released a new album earlier in the year, but after being disappointed with 18 and ignoring Hotel entirely, I didn’t fathom that Moby could ever reach the heights of Play again. All I can say is, thank God I picked Last Night up -- I even found it used for $7.99. Bargain of the century, to say the least. 

Since there are no bum notes to be found on Last Night, I have no other choice than to make it my pick for Album Of The Year.

My heart goes out to all the disc jockeys, to all the drag queens, to all the disco divas, to all the fashionistas, to Sylvester and Donna Summer, to all my gay friends, to all the dancers, to all the dreamers…oh yeah, I forgot, I don’t have a heart. I left it on the dance floor. At least I know Moby is still going to be there to take very good care of it.

Rating: A

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