Night And The City

Silo Halo

Etxe Records, 2012

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


D.C. is a city that historically produces some of the most influential bands that feature ‘ex-members of,’ and it continues to thrive in the area of angular post-punk. Silo Halo is the newest must hear band from our Nation’s capital. Featuring one-time members of Girl Loves Distortion, Victor Victoria, and The Antiques, the trio bonded over their shared affinity for noise-pop, first-wave shoegaze, punk, and the DIY philosophy. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Night And The City is the first effort from an outfit with a penchant for power and melody.

The album leads off with “Silhouette,” a short, atmospheric burst that is dark in scope and sets the pace for the moody, tense building to follow. From there, “Out Of Your Fugue” and “Wonderful Gift” shimmer with clever guitar hooks and Christin Durham’s sweet vocals trading off verses with either Christopher Goett or Greg Svitil (they both sing on the disc as well). The best track on the disc, “I’m Still Slamming My Had Against A Brick Wall,” is a quick paced rocker with pulsating riffage and a buzzing post-punk hook and is perfectly placed at the midway point, though the following track “Which Wire Do I Choose?” is a close second, sounding almost as if Ted Leo were fronting Sebadoh on the songs Lou Barlow wrote. The second instrumental, “Night And The City,” is a sparse, minimal arrangement that moves with a barely detectable pulse, an ideal segue way into the album closer “Stones Inside Her Chest,” a blurry, jagged, noisy conclusion that is both hypnotic and droning.

Silo Halo has crafted a disc that truly has everything. They are equally skilled at loud, bombastic swells of layered melody just as they are with ambient, space-y, and nearly lo-fi ebbs of delicate beauty. Lyrically, this is a very sophisticated affair, sometimes sounding poetic, but never in a way that comes off esoteric, usually detailing love and its downfalls in a very eloquent manner.

This is hands down the best record I’ve heard this year so far. Much like many bands before them from their area, Silo Halo have delivered a record that is nothing short of stunning, an absolute must hear for anyone with an interest in post-punk or moody, emotive rock with art/shoegaze influences.

Rating: A

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