Cosmic Suckerpunch

Independent release, 2013

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


When your band is called Cosmic Suckerpunch you better bring a whole lot to the party. Well, this Los Angeles quartet got the memo loud and clear, and on their sophomore release they pack a whole lot of punch (sorry, bad pun) and knock out a firm rock EP that sounds like it could have been penned in any decade since the '60s. Paying homage to outfits as varied as Led Zeppelin to Rage Against The Machine to Arcade Fire, the five songs here show much diversity as the young outfit play off their strengths well. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

A truly great representation of this flourishing band, each song reminds you of some of the greats in your personal collection while still sounding very much like Cosmic Suckerpunch. First track "That Voice" starts out like an old Weezer tune and is chock full of indie rock fun with superb drumming. “Glad You're Here Now” is probably the tune most likely to linger in your mind on the first listen, as it's a solid modern rock hit that points toward the '80s for influence. It has all the hallmarks of a radio single – memorable choruses, anthemic and with charged rhythms. At the midpoint "I Don't Know" may begin sparse but builds into a thriving classic rock feel with blazing guitar solos, which seems to be a theme for the band. “Mindbender” is the harshest moment here, a full throttle hard rock tune that originates with gentle singing and cautious guitars. The vocals get the most reckless here, with tuneful shrieking and the guitars turned way up before exiting on a very melodic point. “Breathe In The Air” closes it out and is the most experimental with hazy psyche-rock mixed in with crunchy guitars and much emphasis on the singing with even some back up 'oohs.’

If you're someone who is continually disappointed in newer rock bands and their ability to, well, rock, Cosmic Suckerpunch could easily be the antidote for what ails you. Though hipsters wouldn't take a second away from combing their mustaches to take a listen, anyone with an appreciation of propulsive, intense rock should be all ears.

Rating: B-

User Rating: Not Yet Rated



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