Fulltime Hobby Records, 2013


REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


After a handful of well received EPs and remixes, British born but now Berlin resident Jamie Welch, otherwise known as Seams (not to be confused the US '90s indie rock band Seam), drops his much anticipated first album. Recorded in four separate and very random places around his home country, this glitch, synth and electronica artist has refined his minimalist, post-techno ways to a creative high with my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Quarters.

At just eight tracks, it may not be a lengthy debut, but Welch makes the most of each track. “Iceblerg” begins as minimal as ever, using space as his friend, but then evolves into lively beats and colorful rhythms. “Constants” follows a similar building technique with repetitive bleeps that burst into a fuller barrage of unusual rhythm and boundless energy. “Rilo” is the most direct club anthem, sounding like something that should be played late at night amid a sweaty and packed house. The only quiet moment here is the futuristic “Pocket,” a calming, ambient tune that wouldn't be out of place on a sci-fi soundtrack. “Sitcom Apartment” is the lushest affair, and finds a solid groove surrounded by a dizzying display of hypnotic beats and pumping electronica. Vocals are used sparingly here, and mostly as an instrument with indiscernible noises that blend into the layered sounds.

The packaging included is as interesting as the music. Containing four postcards, each one clues you in on where the album was recorded, from places as unlikely as an airport terminal to a pool placed in a club. In a very modern way of birthing music, these 'laptop artists' are ever increasing and Seams is certainly at the forefront of this medium. The highly engaging electronic music with an emphasis on bass and synth mixed in with beats and dance friendly rhythms make this a must for fans of the genre.

Rating: B

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