Jessica Campbell

Little London Records, 2014


REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


I was wrong about Jessica Campbell. Her third album, III, loomed on my desk for weeks, which gave me ample time to examine its song titles and artwork. With titles like “Homesick For A Heart,” “Finding The Perfect Love,” and “My Heart Says Go,” as well as the model-esque photos on both the cover and packaging, my initial thought was something like this: here we have yet another young woman in her twenties who would like to be the next pop star and is trying to get there by singing songs that other people wrote for her and putting them through ultra sleek production.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

But I was wrong, and not just about her age (she's in her low thirties).

Thankfully, Campbell actually has much more in common with the Ingrid Michaelsons of the music world rather than the Jessica Simpsons. She spends her time here embracing newfound married life while still reminiscing about the past. While III is definitely pop rock in the strictest sense of the word and should see no problem spending time on the charts and FM dial, it's also a very genuine singer-songwriter album where roots, Americana, and folks ideas are tossed into the mix.

The aptly titled first song “Brighter Days” showcases Campbell's strong voice and upbeat pop talent while starting the disc off in a way that screams radio single. Next up is a more country oriented pop song, as “Homesick For A Heart” brings the memorable choruses and warm feeling that permeates most of the album.

Though the lyrical themes are often pretty similar – i.e. reflecting on relationships – musically, Campbell brings diversity such as keys and beats on “Losing Your Mind” and playful horns on the charming “With You.” Where the songstress really excels are the opposite sides of the spectrum, such as the sparse acoustic closer “My Heart Says Go” and the loud, driving guitar rock of “Better Than This.”

Campbell sounds really content with her life and that confidence comes through in some really solid tunes. Add a great set of pipes, timeless influences (“Lennon & McCartney Lied”) and dynamic songwriting and you have an album that should garner some much-deserved attention for Jessica Campbell.

Rating: B+

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