Vol. 4

Dog Party

Asian Man/Burger Records, 2015


REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Sometimes, amid the constantly evolving sounds that qualify as punk in 2015, it's refreshing to just hear a band going back to the basics, i.e. rebellious, guitar-driven rock 'n' roll. The Northern California sister duo Dog Party, comprised of youngsters Lucy and Gwendolyn, is already at album number four, despite neither being 20 years old yet. While the pair has consistently drawn comparisons to female fronted outfits from the punk scene like Cub and Tiger Trap, there's no denying that the sisters have a debt to legends like The Buzzcocks and The Ronettes as well. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

While many bands end up mellowing out, slowing things down and reducing the volume as they get further into their career, Dog Party is doing the exact opposite here. Vol. 4, which was recorded to 2" analog tape, ensures an even higher amount of intensity. The fuzzed out guitars and bombastic drumming display a youthful energy that is, well, very appropriate for these teens.

"Dead Guy," a song about being in love with a dead guy, is power-pop meets garage-rock style punk opener that lets us know we're in for short blasts of hook friendly and tight rhythms with the maximum amount of fun involved. Others, like "Peanut Butter Dreams" and "Creeper" with their woah-oh-ohs, add a sweet element to otherwise sneering vocals, and on tracks like "Be My Friend," the guitars get even heavier and the atmosphere more gritty. On other tracks, like “Girlfriend,” the siblings use hand clapping in a strategic way for the entire two minutes.

Dog Party sounds like the unknown band that opened for the Ramones decades ago, or the sassy punks who would have been involved with the Riot Grrl movement in the early '90s. With many songs not even surpassing two minutes and only two that are longer than three minutes, if you don't find yourself amused by their playful power punk ways, another song is coming up soon enough that you might enjoy. Or, for longtime listeners of the genre, you're likely to enjoy them all.

Rating: A-

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