Post Pop Depression: Live at the Royal Albert Hall [CD/DVD]

Iggy Pop

Eagle Rock, 2016

REVIEW BY: Pete Crigler


Talk about a live album! Taken from a show in May of 2016, Iggy and co., including Josh Homme and Matt Sweeney among others, take the crowd by the balls and never let go. Drawing from my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Post Pop Depression, Lust for Life, The Idiot and a few varied others, the band are on fire and Iggy himself delivers a smashing performance all the way through.

Certain songs like “The Passenger,” “Lust for Life,” and “Nightclubbing” sound so great and perfect as a result of the band. Their chemistry and dedication cannot be understated. The newer songs like “Sunday,” “Baby” and “In The Lobby” don’t quite have that type of punch yet but they still sound good mixed in with the classics. Others like “Chocolate Drops” and my personal favorite, “Paraguay,” roar with an intensity not seen in Iggy’s live shows since the early 2000s with the Trolls.

Fortunately, the show, spread out over two CDs, contains the entire show in all its sweaty, triumphant glory. Iggy hasn’t sounded this interested in what he’s been doing in years and it shows all over the show. The crowd is entranced and with the band the whole time and Iggy revels in it, walking out amongst the people and taking everything in. That’s one of the reasons it’s so great the DVD was included with this package, that way you can not only hear everything, you can see every damn thing that happened that night.

This is one of the best live albums I’ve heard in quite a while and also becomes one of the best music DVDs of the year just by coming in the complete package. If this ends up being Iggy’s last tour, everyone can rest assure knowing that he went out on top, in a blaze backed by an amazing band and enjoyed by a rapturous crowd.

Rating: A

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