Chasing White Light

The Lonely Wild

Chasing White Light, 2015

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Let me familiarize you with the best album you didn't hear in 2015.

The Lonely Wild formed in 2010 in Los Angeles, but don't let that short existence fool you. These kids play like seasoned vets, and this second album is a masterpiece of indie folk and breezy Americana with a strong orchestral backdrop and perfect use of vibraphones, trumpets, and harpsichords. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The album opener “Snow” is an immediate stunner, with a Mariachi influence that evolves into a galloping and melodic indie-anthem with dual gender vocals. This moves into the more vocally forceful “Hunted,” which also moves at a quick pace and carries punk undertones. “Born” is when the band really shows diversity, as it's a quick instrumental with a spacey, ethereal current. This spills into “Running,” which could be the best song I've heard in years. Armed with aching strings and a cinematic quality, it also possesses a shuffling pace and showcases melodic vocals from both genders, coalescing into one beautiful display of shimmering folk-pop.

“Funeral” starts off the second half of the album; it is reminiscent of mid-period Bright Eyes during his most sparse moments, and it illustrates the group’s incredible vocal range. “Into Their Mouths,” on the other hand, has a classic rock feel, while “Blunt The Blade” would fit right at home on a '70s soft rock station. Near the end, “Chasing White Light” is a ballad-esque tune where keys and impassioned singing set the tone for a cathartic seven minutes. “Echo” closes the album a cappella, where the combination of several voices illustrates that The Lonely Wild only needs their mouths to make great music.

Now, I realize that countless bands are playing this sound, and many are very, very good. But this is on an entirely different level that parallels the greatness that The Decemberists or Wilco has reached. Yes, it's that good.

Rating: A

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