Fest: Live Tokyo International Hall A

Michael Schenker

Inakustiks, 2017


REVIEW BY: Mark Kadzielawa


Michael Schenker Group exploded in the early ‘80s. Schenker's inventive guitar playing and melodic songwriting contributed to great success. As the time progressed, the band continued to change as individual membes came and went.  In fact, there are many different phases of MSG that rounded out the ‘80s. The story of course was far from over, but this release concentrates on the above-mentioned decade.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

What we have here is a celebration of Michael Schenker's music from the 1980s. It's a special concert organized in Tokyo, Japan, where the once highly regarded Live At The Budokan was recorded. For this special event, Michael Schenker invited all who were involved in the band back in the ‘80s. There are multiple vocalists: Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, and Robin McAuley.  Rounding out the group are guitarist Steve Mann, Chris Glenn on bass, and Ted McKenna on drums, which forms the core of what MSG was back then.

The two CDs are filled with classics from that time, and even three UFO songs are added in as the conclusion of the concert. Michael Schenker is playing with a very visible drive. He delivers song after song beautifully. Ever since 2008, when he rediscovered his love for the guitar, his albums and concerts have become events to be witnessed! And this is a very special event indeed. What makes this very special is that he finally gets to play with Graham Bonnet, and they sound commanding together.  Bonnet made one record with Schenker back in the ‘80s and exited the band under very shady circumstances. It's great to finally see a proper closure to their relationship. Barden and McAuley are just amazing as well, but they have been seen playing with Schenker in the recent years, so it is less of a monumental occasion.

This is very electrifying set, well played and well produced. Schenker's feel and tone describes what playing guitar should be about. And it comes across as effortless because he's such a natural.

Sensing this would be a one-off performance, there is a DVD that accompanies this set. It's very nicely filmed and allows each listener to fully experience this concert in the luxury of their own home. There is perfection in every aspect of this release, but above all, it's fun to listen and watch.

Rating: A

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