All The Way

Danny Newcomb & The Sugarmakers

Think Indie!, 2017

REVIEW BY: Pete Crigler



Danny Newcomb, former guitarist for Seattle grunge poppers Goodness, has released his second solo record. Newcomb is a very standard singer/songwriter but very good guitar player. However, there isn’t a lot here that one could immediately recommend to get a listener super excited. One might like a song like “The End?” if they are a big Jakob Dylan fan. Still, other tracks like “Starlight” have a bit more oomph to them with some catchy background vocals, too.

“Summer Sky” is a nice enough pop song that should’ve found some place in the pop stratosphere this year. “The One” might be the one big standout from the record that will probably get stuck in your head long after the record’s over. Unfortunately, “Steal Me” doesn’t do jack squat for me; no matter the lyrical content, it’s just kind of dull and never really gets out of the starting gate. The album’s closing track “Puzzle” is an okay song, but overall, this is a record you listen to once and then completely forget about.

All The Way feels like a disc that probably would’ve found a place back in the ‘90s when this style of music really worked. Now, it just feels like a weird throwback that doesn’t work so well now.

Rating: C-

User Rating: Not Yet Rated


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