Alexander & Gore

The Lancasters

Pirates Press Records, 2015

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Vancouver, Canada's The Lancasters formed after the breakup of the Subway Thugs. They took those influences as well as some from street punk from both sides of the Atlantic, quickly making a name for themselves in their part of the country as well as the Pacific Northwest. In 2003, my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Alexander & Gore was released on CD only, but the follow-up recording in 2005 only yielded six songs before their demise.

This vinyl reissue is remastered and brings these classics back to life. It was largely inspired by the success of Bishops Green, the outfit born out of the ashes of The Lancasters who actually still plays many of these songs live.

Side A is full of bouncy, melodic punk like the opener “Burn The Bastards,” where fun bass lines give this one a Rancid-esque feeling, while “Asphyxiation” is more raw and incorporates gang vocals. “I Don't Wanna Be” is a more direct hit of rowdy punk with quick energy, before the roaring and quick “Why Don't You,” which is the quintessential punk anthem – in your face, memorable, and with plenty of attitude. The first side ends with the contagious 'woah-ohs' of “Mental Breakdown” and the less confrontational and vocally more calm “Take A Look.”

Side B offers the chunky bass of and rumbling sing-a-long punk of “The Future,”  the gruff and bouncy “Stiff,” and the charged and upbeat “Control.” Some of the best tunes reside near the end, such as the pop-punk influenced “Wasted Life,” the longer, more developed and cautious “Marching Through The Streets,” and album closer “Lights Out,” which is fun blast of punk energy with a great upbeat chorus.

As always with Pirates Press Records, the vinyl has plenty of different color schemes, comes with a download code, and fantastic artwork and packaging. Unfortunately, many of us weren't paying attention to The Lancasters during their brief existence; fortunately, this reissue rectifies that.

Rating: A-

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