ArtistAlbumReviewerReview Date
Two GallantsWe Are UndoneBenjamin Ray2015-02-18
AndreasExtended Play (EP)Jason Warburg2015-01-30
Seconds Before LandingSeconds Before Landing IIBenjamin Ray2015-01-27
Songs For The SleepwalkersOur Rehearsed Spontaneous ReactionsVish Iyer2015-01-23
GenesisSum Of The Parts (DVD)Jason Warburg2015-01-20
Katy PerryPrismBenjamin Ray2015-01-19
SpoonThey Want My SoulBenjamin Ray2015-01-13
Kalen & The Sky ThievesBluebirdBenjamin Ray2014-12-20
The Brothers FourMerry Christmas (Expanded Edition)David Bowling2014-12-07
FishboneFishbone (EP)Pete Crigler2014-12-06
Dick WagnerDick WagnerDavid Bowling2014-11-29
Jack JefferyEnlightened HorizonBenjamin Ray2014-11-27
In The Valley BelowThe BeltVish Iyer2014-11-25
Siouxsie And The BansheesSuperstitution (CD Reissue)David Bowling2014-11-19
The RentalsLost In AlphavillePete Crigler2014-11-15
QueenLive At The Rainbow '74 (DVD)Benjamin Ray2014-11-03
ZammutoAnchorKen DiTomaso2014-10-30
Danielle DaxPop-EyesMichael R. Smith2014-10-12
Nathan StanleyEvery MileCurtis Jones2014-10-10
Faith No MoreWho Cares A Lot? The Greatest HitsPete Crigler2014-09-24
The VerveA Northern SoulBenjamin Ray2014-09-22
Modest MidgetCrysisBenjamin Ray2014-09-20
Haircut One HundredPelican WestMichael R. Smith2014-09-14
Dee Dee WarwickThe Complete Atco RecordingsDavid Bowling2014-09-13
Debbie HarryKooKooMichael R. Smith2014-08-24
Rob RuleRob RulePete Crigler2014-08-20
Johnny CashOut Among The StarsCurtis Jones2014-08-14
Johnny CashAmerican VI: Ain't No GraveCurtis Jones2014-08-13
Phil CollinsFace ValueMichael R. Smith2014-08-03
Guns N' RosesGreatest HitsBenjamin Ray2014-07-21

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