Britaworld Records, 2000

REVIEW BY: Christopher Thelen


Brita is an artist who is trapped between two worlds.

On one hand, there is the young artist who dares to delve into the pop world, wanting to write songs that make people think while having catchy hooks to them. On the other hand is the dance-club diva wannabe, who wants to get people up and grooving to the latest beats.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The two worlds collide on her independent debut EP, And while there are signs of progress on both fronts, Brita would have been better served following one path and making a more collected disc of tunes.

In a sense, this six-song disc (which clocks in at just under 24 minutes) is impressive, because it features the work of only two people - namely, vocalist Brita Beseth and studio wunderkind Marc Dold. And there is promise heard in the songwriting, especially in songs like "Lift Me Up" and "Hold You," which suggest that Brita could eventually be a frontrunner in the field of popular music.

But somehow, when she delves into the world of dance, everything is put on hold. The two different versions of "Do You Want Me" fail to light up the speakers in the way that she probably hoped for. Yet the combination works a little better on "If Only," a track which is reminiscent of Mariah Carey without the roller-coaster vocals and is firmly rooted in the pop world with a touch of dance.

The greatest problem, of course, is that it's very hard to pass judgment on any musician's career with only five or six songs to base that opinion on. Having said that, I do hear great potential in Brita's work - and maybe the key to future success (warning: blasphemy ahead) is to open her doors to additional musicians and songwriting partners, if only to inject new blood from time to time. The Beseth-Dold partnership works well at times, but it sometimes sounds a tad limited.

I'd love to say that is the Rosetta Stone to opening up the doors between pop rock and dance music. It's not, but it dares to hold out the hope that a bridge between the two genres can still be built, and Brita might just be the person who can do that. With a little work and time to season her craft, we'll soon see.

Rating: C+

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