News Of The World


Hollywood Records, 1977

REVIEW BY: Christopher Thelen


Sometimes, one overlooks the obvious.

Thanks to sports teams around the world playing "We Are The Champions" and the opening stomps of "We Will Rock You" ad nauseam, it has been easy for me to continually pass up Queen's 1978 release my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 News Of The World. If I want to hear that noise, I often thought, all I had to do was tune in my beloved Chicago Bulls.

But something inside the Pierce Memorial Archives kept calling me to listen to the whole album - or maybe it was the burritos. Whatever it was, the CD has been given its turn on the platter - and what a fool I was for passing it up so long.

Once you get past "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions," Freddie Mercury and crew put together the best mixture of musical styles they had ever achieved. The heavy-metal bombast of "Sheer Heart Attack" is pure power, while "Spread Your Wings" is one of the band's best ballads they ever recorded. And the rhythmic shuffle of "Fight From The Inside" (with drummer Roger Taylor taking over as lead throat) is simply hypnotic.

I've said for some time that Brian May, besides being an incredible guitarist, was a very capable singer and songwriter. On News Of The World, he proves it on the track "Sleeping On The Sidewalk." The original closer to the album, "My Melancholy Blues," wraps up what just may have been the best Queen album to have ever been released.

Enter Rick Rubin in 1991 to momentarily fuck it up. His remix of "We Will Rock You" on the re-released CD has him credited as ruining it. Whoever decided on that label was painfully accurate. On other Queen albums, alternate versions of tracks were thrown in as carrots on a stick. This "carrot" is one that should be avoided, though the CD is worth adding to the collection.

Queen hit their creative peak on News Of The World - a peak I'm not sure they ever hit again. Whatever the case, this album is their best work, and is an essential addition to anyone's collection.

Rating: A

User Rating: A


A spot-on review and it's worth mentioning the 6-minute song It's Late from this record....for my money the best hard-rock song the band ever recorded. Taylors drumming rules on that track.

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