Sideecho Records, 2003

REVIEW BY: Paul Hanson


If you blink or don't have your magnifying glass out, you may miss the following verbiage in the CD booklet of this self-titled eight-song release: "Look for anadivine's full-length on The Militia Group Summer 2004." This release comes as a teaser, or sampler depending upon your perspective, for this upcoming full-length. It's unclear to me whether these songs will be on the full-length or if they are older songs or exactly where these songs fit into the band's song list.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

What is clear, though, is that if you aren't excited about a full-length being released by this band, you haven't heard this release. Without question, this 28-minute EP release does its job: I am anxious to hear this band's full-length effort.

Not that the band's genre, a breeding of Earth Crisis-ish hardcore, Atari-ish pop, and Green Day-ish groove (think "When I Come Around"), is especially new. There's a dozen bands trying to play this genre, from my favorite band of 2002, Count the Stars, to their labelmates Spitafield to others.

What, however, sets this band apart is the way it approaches its material. Lyrics work as the band's appeal, especially in the delivery of emotion-heavy words like "I heard you were sleeping alone / in a bed all made for two / I'm spending this night without you. / And you heard I was drinking alone." Obviously two people who want each other can't get their relationship mended. The vocals of Sean Paull Pillsworth, who doubles on guitar with Bill Manley, combine with vocalist/bassist Mike Cashen to provide a two-pronged attack.

"Cross Your Heart" is the band's Mount Everest -- perhaps the highest or best the band can achieve -- with a well-written melody in a waltzy 3/4 time coupled with driving drums from Justin Meyer. The lyrics are delivered with the emotion of a man having his heart ripped out.

"Filling the lungs (of this dead machine)" continues the idea of extreme torture when dealing with the world. Through aggressive vocals Pillsworth and Cashen deliver the following lyrics with conviction: "How is this my fault? / And this is my life? / Enduring every passing day/ The voice inside your head will say / Am I a failure? / It's time to walk away."

If Anadivine is one of those bands that never deliver on the goods, then at least we have this release. Well, I have it. You may need to head out to eBay or something to find it...

Rating: B+

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