The Extremist

Joe Satriani

Relativity Records, 1992

REVIEW BY: Alfredo Narvaez



Well, after seeing Bob's review of Satch's concert, I just had to chime in with this review. I remember first hearing of Joe when a commercial popped up for some electronic equipment and this fun, upbeat, song came up. I liked it. Later, I heard it on the radio and held my breath to find out who it was and what was it's name. It was "Summer Song" by Joe Satriani. A week later I went to a local Blockbuster Music and paid 20 bucks for it (OUCH!).

The album it comes from, The Extremist, starts with the upbeat "Friends." This song is ten times better than any sitcom by the same name, ok? It's terrific. Following it are the title track--which is driving - and "War" - which is mean. The solos are great. Focused, tight and straightforward. Add on top, the equally rockin' "Motorcycle Driver" and this is a guitar fan's wet dream.

Yet, once again, Satch shows that his slower, quieter side can be just as incredible. "Rubina's Blue Sky Happiness" is incredible. This is the song to play over the most perfect of sunrises. Full of hope and glee (yes, glee), it makes you happy for the world. It's polar opposites, "Cryin'," "Why" and "Tears In The Rain" are sad, longing and just as beautiful. (Man, how I wish I could play half as good as this!)

Satriani is probably one of those guitarists that makes other guitarists jealous. He doesn't sing at all (well, not on this album), but his guitar manages to wrench out more emotions than most of the stuff you hear on radio or see on MTV or VH1. Catch him live, catch an album. Trust me (and Bob), you cannot go wrong.

Rating: B+

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