Come On


White Shoe Records, 2013

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Neil Lipuma seems like a pretty unassuming guy. An insurance man by trade, his evenings are spent penning songs under the moniker Scaresthedaylights. Aligned with members of the esteemed outfit The City And Horses, Lipuma's third album Come On places him comfortably in the midst of all the flourishing indie rock that exists today, with a sophisticated, graceful slant that would appeal to even the most mature fans of the genre. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Come On has a firm grasp on Americana and chamber pop sensibilities, both of which are plugged in here at the most effective points in the songs. The melodies are easy going, the songs universally relatable and the overall atmosphere poetic and sincere. First track "Wronged And Gone" starts off with pianos, calm guitars, and Lipuma's voice telling a not so uplifting story that we can all relate to. "Deep Dark Blue" follows and lyrically is similar – a tale for the underdog. Musically it's upbeat, and has the sort of vibe that you'd imagine getting from vacationing on a resort island. “Jelly Jam 92,” on the other hand, is a slower more cautious tune, though “Out Of The City” picks up the pace with more upbeat pace, backing vocals, and handclaps after a horn intro.

With a good mix of balladry and playfulness throughout, “Do” shines as the former while being percussion driven. “Wake Takes Us In” illustrates that the album was birthed out of loneliness, depression as well as joy and hope, and it a powerful track despite the desolate lyrics. Easily the darkest moment here, the sparse and haunting music suits the bleak wordplay. Surprisingly, this goes straight into one of the most triumphant tunes, a lovely duet with a sweet female voice where the subject matter shows a rebirth into more cheerful territory, as "Waking Life" provides a more sunny offering toward the end of the album.

While the longing cellos and quaint strings often paint a melancholic tone, the vivid pianos, faint rockabilly feelings, and occasional synth keep things happier when necessary. This is a very easily addictive collection of songs from a songwriter we should all be more familiar with.

Rating: B+

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