Color Movies

Dane Terry

Tonk Records, 2015

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Brooklyn's Dane Terry is a man who has worn many hats: a former magician, ventriloquist, standup comedian and current actor. If Terry is half as good at any of these talents as he is at penning reflective, Americana-esque chamber pop, well, he has many career options at his disposal.

Undoubtedly influenced by legends like Brian Wilson and Elton John, Terry most obviously takes inspiration from Randy Newman, and this comes through in an orchestral and dark mix of elegance and lyrically dense tunes where French horns, clarinets, violins and cellos keep the listener guessing as to what's next. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Eagles” starts off with Terry's deep vocals and graceful piano, showing us an intense, almost solemn side before the jumpy “Normal At Last,” where playful keys align with saxophones in a fashion that leaves you unable to sit still. “Kids” then brings the calm, reflective tone back, even venturing into a spacey feeling. “Fighter” follows and shows Terry's diversity as fluttering keys combine with a busy orchestral backdrop as he explores his impressive vocal range.

In the middle, Terry sounds like a galloping soundtrack on the addictive “Working Class” and then jumps into operatic territory with the spooky “Moonshiner's Boy.” “House That Harry Built” gets dreamy and airy, and is a quick, eclectic tune before “Clown,” which isn't far off from a soft piano tune you'd hear at a jazz lounge that overlooks a city skyline.

Near the end, things get wild and reckless as “My Baby Don't Wanna Know” moves with the tempo and flair of a lost Jerry Lee Lewis track, and “Voltron Destroyer Of Stars,” one of the fullest songs, picks up momentum into a soaring, anthemic and nearly prog-rock explosion.

Though he's just barely into his thirties, you'd never know it by Terry's very mature and textured listen that spans multiple genres and transcends just as many decades. This is a criminally overlooked album from this year, and most of us would benefit from spending time with Color Movies.

Rating: B+

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