From The Dirt (EP)

Atlas Jungle

Dirtfloor Recordings, 2015

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Though it appears Guilford, Connecticut's Atlas Jungle may have disbanded not long after their release of this EP in 2015, the fun, thriving jam band sounds here really deserve to be revisited. Combining the sounds of funk, tribal, psych-rock, blues and trance, it's clearly a concoction that begs to be heard live, but since it doesn't appear that that will happen anytime soon, these five songs will to do just fine.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Goa Nights” starts the quick listen off with slap bass before soulful, blues guitar work that shares  space with atypical electronica, fun percussion, and, surprisingly a sitar. Entirely instrumental, it's a groove filled opener. “Pythagoras” then brings in more of a psych-rock and world music influence, and again, without vocals. “Snow Cat” is when we first hear singing that is complemented with a rock beat,   mild funk and lots of fuzzy synth. It's a darker affair, and the sort of electro-pop that can easily hook new fans.

The EP ends with “Space Being,” which lives up to its name with plenty of atmosphere after a funky guitar opening. “The Cave” finishes the debut off with six-plus minutes of jam band exploration and minimal vocals, thick beats, classic guitar licks, and a very blurry psych-rock closing.

Atlas Jungle cite artists like Phish, The Grateful Dead and Talking Heads as influences, though these songs could easily soundtrack a late night club party, too. With a wide range of genres, styles and variations combining for a unique approach, while this isn't a perfect EP by any means, it is one hell of a great start that illustrates a talent that could have developed into something pretty fantastic. With that said, there isn't even a trace of Atlas Jungle activity that I could find anywhere online, but who knows what the future will bring, right?

Rating: B-

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