What Heaven is Like


Shake It/Damnably, 2018


REVIEW BY: Pete Crigler


On this, their 7th(!!) album, Wussy still continues to be one of the coolest rock bands most people have never heard of. “Cake” is one of the best songs of the year with plenty of guitars and just the right amount of attitude. The vocals here from Chuck Cleaver and Lisa Walker are great as always. “Gloria,” with Lisa on vocals, is a good showcase and supposedly written about the heroine in season 3 of the TV version of Fargo. This track has guitar work and really showcases how great this band is. “Tall Weeds” is the real standout here with all around amazing vocals from Chuck and Lisa as well as the musical interplay between the two; it simply can’t be beat by today’s so-called ‘rock bands.’ my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Aliens In Our Midst drags a bit but still pulls the punches where they’re most needed. The musicians in the band, including Joe Klug, Mark Messerly, and John Erhardt, are simply the best and coolest. They’re actually playing real instruments and not using triggers, effects, and samplers. This is all the real thing, no tricks or gimmicks here, the way real rock and roll should be heard in this day and age.

“Skip” is a slow burner, but a great riff and amazingly ethereal vocals from Lisa help elevate the track and make it an absolute standout. “Oblivion” is more or less the same, with Lisa’s vocals showing the way to rock glory. She’s definitely one of the most unsung and natural voices heard in rock today.

All in all, this album is an improvement over its predecessor with greater emphasis on guitars and harmonies. I think it’s a fair statement this far along in the year to say this is one of the most exciting records of the year.

Rating: B+

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