2014: Pete's Top Ten

by Pete Crigler

Joining this site has been one of the most eye-opening experiences of my writing career. Being able to access all of this great music has just been mesmerizing, and this year has also been a year that some great records have come out. Enough of my yakkin’! Enjoy the list.



10. The Dead Milkmen – Pretty Music For Pretty People

The album that contains some of the most biting tracks the Milkmen have ever recorded. In a day and age where musicians take themselves so damn seriously, it’s great to know the Milkmen are still out there, pissing people off!

Highlights: “Anthropology Days,” “The Sun Turns Our Patio Into A Lifeless Hell”


9. Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways

This is one of the most hyped records of the year that managed to live up to the hype – take that, U2! Consistent as ever, the Foos keep reassuring America that real rock ‘n’ roll will never die.

Highlights: “Something From Nothing”


8. Wussy – Attica!

How this band from Ohio isn’t bigger is an absolute mystery. Great musicianship, great songwriting, this is the great American rock band. Forget all those imposters, this is the real thing.

Highlights: “Teenage Wasteland,” “Halloween”


7. Weird Al Yankovic – Mandatory Fun

On his first truly great album since 1999, Yankovic wrote some better songs and ended up with one of the most acclaimed releases of his career. This also happens to be the best comedy album of the year.

Highlights: “Tacky,” “First World Problems,” “NOW That’s What I Call Polka!”


6. Soundgarden - Echo of Miles

A long-awaited box set of Soundgarden’s B-sides and outtakes. They were always the type of band whose outtakes were just as great as what made it on their records. To have them all assembled in one place is a fan’s dream come true.

Highlights: "Live to Rise," "Blind Dogs"


5. Scruffy The Cat – Time Never Forgets: The Anthology ('86-'88)

I wasn’t too familiar with the band when this collection came out, but after listening to this two-disc set, I immediately became a fan. Rock, folksy and full of humor, the band was ahead of their time. This is a record rock fans should devour with enthusiasm.

Highlights: “Time Never Forgets,” “Runaway,” “Moons of Jupiter”


4. OFF! – Wasted Years

One of the most defiant and fierce punk bands of this generation, OFF! is a supergroup made up by members of Circle Jerks, Burning Brides, Redd Kross, and Rocket from the Crypt. They’ve given us the best punk record of the year, all in just over twenty minutes. This is the type of band that cannot be messed with.

Highlights: “Void You Out,” “Exorcised,” “Red White And Black”

3. Mastodon – Once More ’Round The Sun

The Atlanta band has made the best album of their career, delivering a whole album of great and memorable songs. Don’t believe me? Try going a week without singing “The Motherload.”

Highlights: “The Motherload,” “Once More Round the Sun,” “Ember City”



2. Young The Giant - Mind Over Matter

Probably one of the most surprising records of the year. Instantly memorable, catchy, and anthemic, the band’s sophomore record easily trumps their debut and sets a high standard for future records.
Highlights: “Camera,” “Teachers,” “In My Home”

1. Beck - Morning Phase

After being away for a while, Beck came back full force with this one. So folksy and moody and quiet, it’s the perfect record for a chillout evening at home. By far, this is the best work he’s done since the ‘90s and far and away the best album of the year.

Highlights: “Unforgiven,” “Blackbird Chain,” “Turn Away”

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