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Marc Ribler might not be a household name, but as an in-demand guitarist he's shared stages with the likes of Steven Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello. In this new interview, Ribler and Staff Writer Max Kaplan delve into the singer-songwriter's new solo album and years of roadwork


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A reminder that as we navigate through this strange time, please consider how this pandemic is affecting our brothers and sisters who make the music we love so much. The tours and gigs that today's musicians rely on for income are gone for who knows how long. Now more than ever, if you care about music, show the artists who make it that you mean it: order a CD or a t-shirt, buy a download on Bandcamp, sponsor someone on Patreon, join someone's fan club. Support the artists whose music brings you joy and pleasure, so that they can get through this. We are a community, and right now our friends need our help.


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