Ratings And Comments And Links, Oh My!

Our 10th Anniversary Brings A Slew Of New Site Features

by Jason Warburg

On January 13, 2007, The Daily Vault will celebrate 10 years of publishing some of the best (or at least, most opinionated) music writing on the Web.  As part of our anniversary celebration, we’re excited to announce the launch of an array of new features and functionality that dramatically increase the interactivity of the Daily Vault:


  • Forum / Message Board

This feature went live in late November, offering Daily Vault readers the opportunity to interact directly with one another and our writing staff in a message board environment.

  • User Ratings

Every one of our over 4,600 reviews now includes the opportunity for readers to submit their own ratings of the album under review.  The cumulative average user rating is listed after the reviewer’s rating on every review.

  • User Comments

Every review now includes an opportunity for readers to leave their own comments on the album, or the review, or both at the end of the review.  Both the user ratings and the user comments system require login using the same username/password combo established by users of the Daily Vault Forum.

  • Artist Links

We’ve added artist Web site links to the standard artist template, meaning all newly-added artists have a link to their Web site embedded in the header for all reviews of their albums.  Over the next few weeks we will “catch up” the entire back catalog of over 2,000 artists represented in the Daily Vault’s database, including links for every one that maintains a site today.

These additions represent the site’s second major evolutionary leap in the past six months (our new site design debuted on July 13, 2006).  After ten years of publishing some of the best music writing on the Web, we’ve built the design and functionality to match.  With these enhancements, the Daily Vault 3.0 is taking a major step towards realizing our vision of a site that brings together listeners, artists, writers and publicists in a true online community of, for, and by music lovers.

Thanks for your support during our first ten years... now, on to the next ten!

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