My 101 Favorite Songs (More Or Less)

You can thank Duke Egbert for this one.

Around the end of February—before the world changed—our recently returned compadre mentioned to the staff that he’d created a “favorite songs” playlist, set up in ranked order. He was further inspired to try to craft a column around the list—and then asked if others on staff might want to do the same.


Now, Duke was up front about the fact that he had originally set out to build a list of 100 or so favorite songs, and ended up with 131. Since a reflexive dislike of arbitrary rules is an inherent part of the Vault’s character, it was only logical for us to approach this new feature in that spirit. As each writer’s list is published—a new one every other day for the next two weeks or so—you’ll find all sorts of variations in song count and general approach to list-building from writer to writer. If that variability offends your desire for neatness and predictability, I can only assure you most sincerely that we don’t care. What we care about is the enjoyment each of us derives from the music we’re sharing with you here—and our wish that you share in that enjoyment.

Thanks again, Duke. And off we go…

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