Tom Haugen's Reviews

ArtistAlbumReview Date
Hunting LionsLight (EP)2023-08-04
Icarus HimselfCareer Culture2012-07-13
Ice ChoirAfar2012-11-20
The Imperial Sound The New AM2019-02-08
The IncitersBring Back The Weekend2024-03-15
infinitikissAmbient Music2023-07-28
Introverted DancefloorIntroverted Dancefloor2017-01-24
Irish RoversThe Unicorn: The Continuing Story2019-07-30
Jack IronsDreamer's Ball/Walnut2024-03-01
Fer IsellaThe Art Of The Possible2018-02-14
It's A MusicalFor Years And Years2012-05-17
Itchy-OMystic Spy/Psykho Dojo2020-06-23
Jackie And The TreehornsDo You Mind If I Wear A Clown Mask?2015-11-06
Paul JacksIn Other Words2019-11-29
Paul JacksDefractor2019-05-31
Joe JacksonThe Duke2012-09-10
Jah9New Name2015-04-22
Jamaican QueensWormfood2013-07-23
James & EvanderBummer Pop2012-07-05
Brendan JamesSimplify2013-12-10
Jim JamesRegions Of Light And Sound Of God2013-03-05
JavelinHi Beams2013-08-15
JBMStray Ashes2012-08-01
The Jerry CansInuusiq/Life2017-06-25
Jerry PaperLike A Baby2019-04-30
Darren JesseeThe Jane Room 2172019-11-19
Jet BlackL'Ere du Vide2019-03-12
Jethro TullStand Up: The Elevated Edition2018-06-25

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Tom Haugen's Articles

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