Exotic Worlds And Masterful Treasures

Stimulator Jones

Stones Throw Records, 2019


REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Roanoke, Virginia's Stimulator Jones (his real name is Sam Lunsford) is an  artist who got his start as a hip-hop DJ, then penned a tune for a compilation that was parlayed into a record deal. He is also an autodidactic multi-instrumentalist who can play just about anything that comes his way. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Exotic Worlds And Masterful Treasures brings the very diverse sounds of his upbringing into this debut record that's highly influenced by '70s R&B and funk, as well as hip-hop from the '90s.

“Water Slide” starts the curious album knee deep in funk, where synthetic drums, fluid grooves, and Jones' falsetto vocals keep the atmosphere playful and soulful. “Give My All” follows with plenty of melody and layered vocals over a '70's sultry pop tune, and “Feel Your Arms Around Me” brings us onto the dance floor with R&B influences against synth-pop. “Together” has Jones getting comfortable with hazy and experimental ideas, while “Trippin On You” brings cozy textures and hand clapping fun to the ultra-soulful track.

Side B doesn't divert too much the formula present, with the laidback, groovy “Soon Never Comes,” the '80s ambience of “Need Your Body,” which sounds like it could soundtrack any prom during that decade, and the ultra-stylish “Suite Luv.” The album exits on the strongest tunes, including the hypnotic and retro-fun of “Tell Me Girl” and the beat-heavy “Tempt Me With Your Love.”

Though this first LP is far from a masterpiece, there are plenty of well-done harmonies, heavy attention to rhythm, and charming production (also handled by Lunsford) to keep us more than entertained for the journey. While this is a very good listen, I imagine Stimulator Jones' next one will be outstanding; it's clear this young talent has plenty of potential, and he's just scratching the surface of his capabilities, giving us a peek into his ingenious art.

Rating: B

User Rating: Not Yet Rated



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