I Can Fool Anybody In This Town


Flush Records, 2019


REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Even though the Los Angeles outfit quintet Liily are just teenagers, their roaring rock'n'roll sounds put them in a league with artists twice their age as they touch on all the best elements of alt-rock from twenty years ago, as well as current ideas infiltrating the indie-rock world. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Toro” starts out with a dense beat, a synth stab and a mysterious atmosphere that makes it unclear what direction will occur next, but the abrupt burst into fuzzed out alt-rock is very much welcomed. The following track “The Weather” is less cryptic and offers proficient drumming and a swift pace with swirling yet gritty melody that builds into a giant chorus that could fill stadiums.

By the third track “Sepulveda Basin,” the mood's closer to pop status, where calmer, dare I say less aggressive sounds are birthed, as the youngsters explore calculated restraint, though things return to charged and volatile on the title track, “I Can Fool Anybody In This Town.” By far the best tuneon the lbum, here the youngsters exhibit a brilliant interplay between the noisemakers that results in a punchy, anthemic rocker that is so well executed, it's alone worth the price of admission.

The quick listen ends on the hypnotic and heavily '90s influenced “Nine,” and the strong vocals and kinetic rhythm sections brings a groove straight from The Rage Against The Machine handbook for a memorable exit with “Sold.”

This is a rare outfit where metalheads, punks, alt-rockers, indie music fanatics and even classic rock enthusiasts can all get excited. If this excellent EP is any indication, it won't be long until Liily are spoken in the same breath as Jimmy Eat World, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Arcade Fire and Foo Fighters, as it could very well be that this is the world's next important rock band. And if so, it's rightfully deserved.

Rating: A-

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