Meat Bones Chemicals Electricity

Eamon Ra

Independent release, 2020

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Seattle's Eamon Nordquist is the brainchild behind Eamon Ra. Even though this is his first solo record, the multi-instrumentalist has already played in Sterling Loons as well as Truly. This is an album where he wrote, produced, recorded, and played just about everything on the album. The odd title of Meat Bones Chemicals Electricity actually points at Nordquist's mulling over each of our individual existences, where we're just a mashing of meat, bones, chemicals, and electricity.

“Future History” starts the listen with a retro blast of breezy melodies and crisp instrumentation that certainly sounds like wouldn't be out of place with the British Invasion, while “Pitchforks And Torches” continues the throwback sounds with a jangly, baroque pop rocker where Eamon's vocal prowess is on full display.

On a listen where each time shines in its own light, “Fun To Be Had” flows with a slightly hazy setting of blurry melodies in a folk-inspired atmosphere, and the acoustic “Nightingale” is a slow burning affair of expressive song craft with a touch of ambience.

Back half highlights include the buzzing power pop of “Waiting For The Morning,” which could have easily made Eamon a household name if it were released in 1965, and the bouncy, irresistible fun of “Happiest Day In History.” “Such Good Friends” exits the listen with a brief display of spirited guitar work where we even get to experience some falsetto from Eamon.

It's pretty apparent that Eamon has an affinity for The Byrds, The Beatles, and The Kinks, as his hook-friendly '60s rock follows a similar path. He plays everything but drums here, sings wonderfully, and is never short on folk and psychedelic nods. It's certainly a far cry from his time playing post-grunge or the dream-pop of his previous bands, but it's executed so well that you're not going to hear me complain.

Rating: B+

User Rating: Not Yet Rated



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