When The Day Is Done


Pirates Press Records, 2020


REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


I don't feel it's at all a stretch to say that Territories is one of the best bands that exists today in the very exciting punk rock scene. Though they've only been around since 2015, they were born out of the ashes of Canadian legends Knucklehead, and their boundless talent resulted in a fantastic debut album in 2018. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Here, they return with six new tracks, which actually trumps the greatness of their self-titled LP. Hooks and sing-alongs arrive in spades, as does very topical subject matter that only serves to better the world. 

“Second Son” starts the listen with a bit of ambience before bursting into a charged, highly melodic setting of punchy, anthemic punk rock where gang vocals and infectious guitar work invade the brief opener. “Defender” continues the atmosphere with nods to post-punk as crashing percussion and tuneful yet gritty singing is present. At nearly four minutes, it's the longest tune here and one of the best, complete with a bouncy spirit and restraint that illustrates much talent.

In the middle, the thumping “SOS” brings together all the thing we love about punk- fury and melody, featuring a shouted chorus. Meanwhile, the more rock 'n' roll swagger of “The Lockdown” offers some rhythm in the memorable climate.

The listen ends with “Welcome Home,” one of the album's best, where the proficient rhythm section soars alongside buzzing guitar work and a catchy chorus, and the more subdued “Quit This City,” where folk-punk ideas come through with a precise yet raw delivery.

It's not uncommon to hear Territories compared to stars like Descendents and Bouncing Souls, which are both very warranted. There's also parallels to lesser known but no less important outfits like Smoke Or Fire or Downtown Struts, where grit and melody unfold alongside thoughtful, articulate wordplay.

If you only pick up one punk record this year, I'd make it this one, as I can't imagine anyone being disappointed.

Rating: A

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