Pont á Mousson

Pont á Mousson

Cudighi Records, 2020


REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Like many of the underground outfits on the Cudighi Records imprint, Pont á Mousson is shrouded in mystery, with minimal social media presence, and even very little info on the packaging of this limited edition cassette. What we do know is that Pont á Mousson is an artist from France, and he's got a very unconventional view on how pop music should be made, as evidenced by the 10 unusual tracks present here.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Song For Her Hair” starts the listen dreamy, soulful and a little bit eccentric as Mousson layers vocals in the slow, sparkling atmosphere. “Happy Family” follows with some charming psychedelic pop tendencies in the vocally strong and musically melodic delivery.

Things only get more unpredictable from here, including the romantic “I'm Happy Just To Be With You,” which makes good use of cautious percussion, while “Can't Do This To Me” recruits falsetto vocals in the '70s friendly climate. Despite its morbid title, “I Wish You Were The One Drowning In That Tsunami” is quite pleasant; the sounds of water(!) are met with gentle keys and smooth vocals in a hazy display of vintage pop.

Further along, the album highlight “Forever, Tomato And Potato” offers echoed vocals alongside a warm guitar line as atmosphere is key in the retro setting. Meanwhile, “It's Getting Better” complements the sophistication with piano and strings interacting playfully. “Surfing Plans” exits the listen firmly in singer-songwriter territory that tips it hat to The Beatles, and might just be the most straightforward tune of the bunch.

Pont á Mousson penned and performed all the tracks here (with some writing help on the title track), and his atypical vision and very precise execution certainly in the undeniable charm of a record that sounds like it could have been made in any decade since the '60s.

Rating: B+

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