Water Finds A Way

Robert Jurjendal

New Dog Records, 2021


REVIEW BY: Mark Kadzielawa


I have to admit, this album caught me by surprise. After putting it in my CD player, what I heard was completely unexpected. The music presented here is very gentle, with soundtrack-like structures. It has an incredible calmness and creates a one-of-a-kind mood. The title my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Water Finds A Way is very fitting.  In some ways, this feels like an instrumental concept album about how water always finds a way to get places, a fact that is true in reality and here on the record.

Robert Jurjenal is a guitar player from Estonia. He is a very talented and original player. There is nothing flashy about his playing, yet all of it comes across as flashy. He knows how to create a very light mood with dark overtones. The gentle nature of this music is very appealing, and the album really works at just about any part of the day. 

There are 14 cuts on this album, but all of it feels like a one long suite with variety of moods. The music just keeps you in its gentle palm, and you just have to get through the whole record and then possibly play it again. From the opening, “Trust,” to the closing, “Everything Goes On,” this release just take you a beautiful ride into infinity.  Every song her is essential to the whole process.

The fact that this album has vocals was escaping me for the first few listens, which tells you about the gentle approach here. The beauty of the vocals or vocalizations included here is that they don’t come across very obvious. Voices used are more of an instrumental asset then what you would normally expect – another reason why Water Finds A Way is an exceptional record.

This disc needs to find you in the right mood, but once it does, it will be difficult to let go. Water Finds A Way is an element of gentle beauty and is definitely addressed to sensitive souls.  Robert Jurjendal did a remarkable job here as a player and composer.

Rating: A

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