Antagonizers ATL

Pirates Press Records, 2021

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Now with a sixth member in the band, including a full time keyboardist, the Atlanta punks Antagonizers ATL are back with this sophomore album. Their UK inspired Oi!, New York City hardcore nods, and California punk similarities meet here on the career high effort that is my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Kings.

“Worries” starts the listen with a hard hitting approach, as frontman Bohdan Zacharyj's firm, shouted vocals align well with Don Tonic's thundering drums while Billy Fields adds soulful organ to the anthemic opener.

After an excellent start, things only get better from there with Matt Henson's (of Noi!se fame) contributions to the rock 'n' roll spirited “Black Clouds” and the gang vocals of the melodic and gritty “Trouble,” where Richard Henderson's guitar work makes an indelible impression.

The middle tracks bring us the strong rhythm guitar of Eric Antell in the sing-along, pit friendly rocker that is “Kings,” while “Hold On Hold Strong” hosts Monty Neysmith (from the ska legends Symarip) on a rockabilly tinted album highlight. “Problems,” which recruits Chris Doherty (founder of Gang Green), resides closer to hardcore, though with still plenty of raw, tuneful songwriting amid the gruffness.

Rounding out the listen are “Marching On” and “Us Against The World,” both of which illustrate the energetic and precise rhythm section of Tonic and Wynn Pettitt's bouncy bass lines, as swirling guitars are equally suitable for diving off a stage or dancing in place with your fist raised high and your spirits even higher.

Certainly a loud and forceful 10 songs, the playful guitar solos and nods to Oi! and rockabilly make Antagonizers ATL's brand of street punk some of the most exciting, authentic, and memorable being made today. As a reference point, think of Dropkick Murphys, Cock Sparrer, or Street Dogs; Kings runs parallel in both impact, skill, and well-placed fury.

Rating: A

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