Serious Issues


Pirates Press Records, 2021

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


The Austrian legends DeeCRACKS are back with their tried and true punk rock formula, where the trio blazes through a large batch of top notch and energetic tunes that will get your fist pumpin' as you sing along while leaping into the pit.

Interestingly, the album leads with an instrumental, as “Desert Storm Surf” showcases buzzing guitars, thumping percussion and wild bass lines as an indeed surf rock setting charges for 90 seconds. The strong song craft continues to the gritty punk 'n' roll of “The Samurai Challenge,” where throaty vocals suite the razor sharp musicianship. “Get Out Of My Head” follows with an anthemic quality that's both hard-hitting and melodic.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

There are 16 tracks here, and not a dud in sight. The middle cuts bring us the sing-alongs of the pop punk inspired “Don't Throw It Away,” while “Kill Or Cure” moves swiftly with a charged appeal that's head bobbin', toe tappin' fun with furious drumming. “Not Today,” one of the most firm tracks, then rocks hard enough for fans of Lemmy while also retaining some Ramones nods in its feisty climate.

Nearing the end, the gruff and tuneful “Lost In The Middle” recruits a guitar solo as strategic backing vocals add to the memorability, and “Don't Turn Your Heart Off” finishes the listen with much detail to songwriting.

DeeCRACKS is known for their constant touring schedule, though with Covid that of course came to a halt; but their songwriting prowess is certainly not suffering one bit. Some notable surprises here include a doo wop moment, and some more aggressive bouts that parallel the greatness of Off With Their Heads.

Active since 2003, in the circles they travel that's a long time to be a band, and DeeCRACKS is only getting better with each new release. Serious Issues should be required listening for anyone who calls themselves a fan of punk.

Rating: A

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