Zoku Metsu

Zoku Metsu

Alrealon Musique Records, 2021


REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Zoku Metsu is the Brooklyn duo of Ron Anderson, who plays guitars, and Robert L. Pepper, who handles electronics. Together, they bring their improvisation skills to experimental and electronic ideas and avant-garde avenues of rock on this really unconventional record.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Flower School For Unsuspecting Yakuza” starts the listen with bouncy, warm electronics and soaring guitar as the pair breeds a very distinct form of prog rock and avant-garde sounds. “Fields Of Swords” follows, and continues the creativity with spacey, sci-fi exploration that unfolds with incredible attention to detail.

The middle tracks bring us the pulsating, almost ominous “Epistemophobia,” where a truly unique vision of electronic rock is present, as well as the nearly 13 minutes of “Undulations,” which pairs bluesy guitar work with a nearly tribal spirit that’s sonically radiant in a mesmerizing sort of way.

Deeper still, “Obituary” is not as dark as the title implies, and emits an energy that could easily soundtrack an evening at the club, while “Science In 3D” finishes with an eccentric dreaminess that fades into a faint, stirring intimacy that trails off with mystery.

An outfit whose inception was all about a mutual adoration for ‘70s German bands, i.e. Neu!, Faust, the Berlin School, and Krautrock, these days Zoku Metsu doesn’t fit into any category easily, which is a large part of of their appeal.

Pepper’s resume includes playing in Pas Musique and The Jazzfakers, and Anderson’s time has been spent in PAK, The Molecules, and Ronruins. Together, they bring much experience and talent to beats, techno moments, waves of synth, distinct rhythm, and plenty of futurist thumping. It’s of little surprise that the physical copies of this are nearly sold out; no matter what medium you find it, just play it loud and pay close attention – there’s not a moment here to be missed.

Rating: A

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