Roxy Music (2022 vinyl reissue)

Roxy Music

Self-released, 2022

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


If you're a fan of Roxy Music, you'll be pleased to know that all eight of the seminal English rockers' albums are seeing the reissue treatment this year on vinyl.

Seeing as how I've never actually listened to a Roxy Music album, it only makes sense that I started right at the beginning with this 1972 self-titled debut.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Remake/Re-Model” opens the listen with a busy and seemingly disjointed version of glam rock that was probably quite progressive for the early ’70s, and “Ladytron” follows with a cautious atmosphere that's even a bit soulful and benefits from Brian Eno’s synth manipulation.

Further into Side A, “If There Is Something” hints at twang in an atypical, warbling sort of way that actually reminded me of Modest Mouse, and “2 H.B.” exits this portion heavy on the keys as some well-timed brass settles into the haze.

The back half of the album certainly brings to mind David Bowie and Pink Floyd, where the more abrasive “The Bob (Medley)” emits a firm crunch, while the intimate piano blends with some ambience in “Chance Meeting.”

“Would You Believe?” arrives close to the end, and leads bare before bursting into a fuller display of bright sax and soaring guitar work alongside the expressive singing, and the beautifully textured and ’50s doo wop nods of “Bitters End” finish the album.

A record that certainly stood out for many reasons during a time when folk music was so prevalent, this debut for Bryan Ferry and company paved the way for legions of other bands inspired by their iconoclastic view of music and artistic component.

This updated version comes with new remastering at half speed thanks to Miles Showell at the Abbey Road Studios in London, and aesthetically it hosts revised artwork and laminated finishes to enhance the experience a bit more.

Diehard fans will appreciate the effort to polish up this classic, and neophyte ears like myself certainly won't be complaining about that.

Rating: B

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