Will See You Now

Doctor Lincoln

Independent release, 2023


REVIEW BY: Duke Egbert


I’ve been writing reviews here for a lot of years, and every so often I get thrown a curve ball. More often, these unexpected musical releases are better than the usual; I find independent music to be music made out of passion and need, rather than made for money.

Need indeed, it seems to be, on the independent release from Indian singer/songwriter Doctor Lincoln, my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Will See You Now. I feel as if the good Doctor (and that’s the only time I’ll make that joke, I promise) makes music because he has to…and in that music he is frank and straightforward about his own struggles with autism. A former cardiac surgeon, Doctor Lincoln turned to music after he became a whistleblower over patient safety. He found music more to his liking, and his 2016 release Wallflower led Rolling Stone India to call it “as fresh as alt-rock gets.”

Fresh, indeed. This is some amazingly crafted stuff, hailing from the neighborhood of Matthew Sweet, Duncan Sheik, and Suzanne Vega; wistful and thoughtful, introverted and extroverted, powerful and delicate. Add in an occasional unexpected touch like the violin (recorded backwards? I think?) on “Get Burned,” the saxophone on “Break The Ice,” or the chiming guitar on “Start Over,” and you’ve got a recipe for success.

(BTW, the aforementioned guitar sounds like a song from the nineties that I cannot place. Anyone who emails me and identifies it gets a guaranteed DV Non-Existent Prize.)

There really isn’t a bad track on this album, though there is at least one cultural reference that Westerners might not get (hint: “musth” is the term for a raging elephant). Nevertheless, it’s amazingly well done for an indie release. Highlights include “Start Over,” “Don’t Let Go,” “Musth”—oh, heck, listen to them all.

Will See You Now is a man who is expressing his passion and his artwork in as plain and straightforward a fashion as he can. Give it a listen; the Doctor is worth your patience.

Rating: A

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