Airstreams & Satellites

Garrison Starr

Vanguard Records, 2004

REVIEW BY: Duke Egbert


"From the home office in Indianapolis, Indiana, today's Daily Vault Top Ten List: The Top Ten Reasons You Should Go Buy Garrison Starr's New CD Airstreams & Satellites."

"10. Garrison Starr rocks, plain and simple. Performing in coffeehouses and small clubs while still in high school, she rapidly developed a unique style. Part rock, part folk, part country, she has some serious guitar-playing and songwriting ability , and is one of the most talented artists it's been my privilege to stumble upon in a few months.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

"9. If they ever do a live-action movie of Emma Bull's cult urban fantasy novel War For The Oaks, she's perfect for the role of Eddi, the main character. Even looks like her.

"8. Airstreams should be in the dictionary next to "'versatile." Starr sings wistful upbeat love songs ("Wonderful") and biting verbal commentary ("Runner-Up") with equal ability.

"7. The production is dynamite. A definite headphone CD, I hear new things on it every time I take a listen.

"6. She uses the phrase 'all my peeps in Nashville' in the liner notes. How cool is that?

"5. Her band is talented as heck. Special kudos go to Bruce Watson for a couple of deftly inserted -- and wonderful -- mandolin parts, Curt Schneider's impeccable bass playing, and Matt Lang's drumming (which neatly runs the gamut of a number of musical styles).

"4. The lyrics. Oh, yeah, those lyrics; Starr's a poet who happens to put her poetry to music -- for example: "She's on a roll / She's the perfect picture of complete control / But underneath her stage / she's scared to death you might mean what you say…"

"3. You would be supporting an artist with something real to say in an era of EmptyVee spectacle and nonsense. I just can't imagine Garrison Starr appearing in a halftime show with Justin Timberlake.

"2. Two words: "One-Sided." This track, a straight-ahead gonads-to-the-architecture rocker, is one of the best songs I've heard -- nay, THE best song I've heard -- this year. I stuck it on repeat play for an hour at a time, and never once got tired of it. It's worth the twelve bucks by itself, and then you get all these other cool songs.

And the Number One Reason You Should Go Buy Garrison Starr's New CD Airstreams & Satellites:

"1. Anyone who both Steve Earle and Mary Chapin Carpenter like has to be cool."

Rating: A

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