Fuel For The Fire

Big Fast Car

Orchard, 2003


REVIEW BY: Sean McCarthy


It's good to know that some new bands haven't lost the affinity for creating heavy, guitar-driven rock. Take Big Fast Car, the Charlottesville, Virginia - based power trio. Their latest album, Fuel For The Fire, draws comparisons to 70s and 80s guitar-worshipping heavy rock bands, such as Van Halen and the Stooges, but with angsty lyrics that would feel at home on a Bush album.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

It's no doubt that Big Fast Car has the chops to be a great band. The chemistry of guitarist Matt Singleton, bassist Brian Temples and drummer Dustin Bugg is evident in the Sweet-type harmonies of "Conviction" and "Mr. Shine." However, Fuel For The Fire is so wrought with clichés, it's hard to distinguish the album or the band from any other band who produces the same type of power guitar-oriented rock.

"Some Say" is a great example of the best and worst of Big Fast Car. The ending of the song features a great, extended guitar solo, but it seems unnecessarily tacked on. Some of the lyrics: "Go on down to the crossroad tonight / Play your song and everything will be alright" would fit perfectly in a Tenacious D album. Most of the lyrics on Fuel For The Fire make you wonder if the band is being so ironic that it's serious (e.g. The Darkness). Not that there's no place in rock for this type of music. "Black GTO" practically begs to be put into circulation in the NPR radio show "Car Talk."

The CD is nicely divided into 'Side 1' and 'Side 2,' complete with the sound effect of a album side ending midway through. It's easy to get caught up in their enthusiasm of their influences, which they display proudly throughout the album. But there is so little new material to get excited about, and more importantly, not much to merit repeat listens.

Big Fast Car seem to be one of those bands that need to be seen live to truly appreciate. Give it time to disarm you and Fuel For The Fire would be great background music for a kegger in the back of a pickup. Sadly, the album is about as forgettable as a fourth glass of keg beer.

Rating: D+

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