A Very Scary Solstice: The HPLHS Solstice Carol Album

HP Lovecraft Historical Society

Independent release, 2003


REVIEW BY: Duke Egbert


It was in the winter of the year 2004 when the dark and portentous missive came to me. Brought by a faceless public servant reeking of forbidden bureaucratic lore, the package sat in my mailbox, looming like some idol of prehistoric times, daring me to approach it and seek the musical mysteries within its stramineous confines.

It was not as if I had not brought this upon myself. I had in my foolish and misspent youth (almost a week before) traversed the darker, more forbidding avenues of the Internet and voluntarily purchased this digital, yet eldritch, media. Nay, call me a fool, for I had purchased of mine own accord the second CD from the hideous and damned voices of the HP Lovecraft Historical Society, my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 A Very Scary Solstice.

Little did I know then, reader, that my very sanity would be blasted from my mind by this cryptic and occult musical celebration of the Solstice season. For 'twas with a muffled cackle of alien tittering and chuckling that I realized the most hideous thing of all: the CD was funny. The CD was good. A foul and malodorous good, the sort of good that makes one laugh so hard eggnog comes out one's nose, but good nevertheless. Nay, excellent, I tell you, for the arcane arts of recording independent CDs in this bleak and wintry time has made A Very Scary Solstice a most convivial listen, clean sounding and clear - perhaps the better to hear the unspeakable syllables of the euphonious songs within! Let it not be said that the Great Old Ones do not understand modern technology...

How, then, shall I speak of this, for those of you who have not heard its remote and interloping insanity? Shall I tell you of the hilarious opening track, "Have Yourself A Scary Little Solstice"? Shall I speak in hushed tones, best suited for nitreous catacombs where unspeakable deeds are performed, of the jocular horror that is "Mi-Go We Have Heard On High"? Shall I gibber of "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Fish-Men", "I Saw Mommy Kissing Yog-Sothoth", or "Do You Fear What I Fear?" No, no, I must not! I shall not ! I will save these innocent readers from this horror… ph'nglui mlgw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

(The voice changes to an oddly accentless tone with a strange, horrible buzzing note to it…)

"Please, ignore Mister Egbert. He is overwrought and will be taking a rest cure. He says that the HP Lovecraft Historical Society's A Very Scary Solstice is a wonderful addition to your holiday CD collection, and in no way does it damn your soul to the Elder Gods to own it. At least not until the stars are right. Really. Buy it today."

For information as to how to purchase A Very Scary Solstice, click here. But don't blame us if the Hounds of Tindalos come to rip your soul from your body and send it to an alien dimension.

Rating: A

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