Independent release, 2005

REVIEW BY: Paul Hanson


What appeals to me the most about Kaura's five-song EP is how all five songs build to create a tremendous release. Many bands make the mistake of trying to be everything to everyone in a short time. Some five-song EPs I've heard start out with balls-out heavy metal with lots of double bass and end with a Def Leppard-ish "Love Bites" ballad. EPs like this are frustrating to me. I don't really want to hear everything the band has ever thought about recording -- I want the band to define their style.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Kaura does that impressively.While I can't say Kaura is the best release of 2005 -- it's too early in the year for that -- I can say that of the releases I've heard so far, Kaura is one of the best. Putting a finger on the band is not easy, though. Vocalist Malcolm Guess, drummer Benjamin Jones, guitarist Ben Rojas and bassist Joe Hauler combine elements of modern-day hard rock warriors Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, and Shine Down throughout these five songs. There are delicate progressive sections where Jones and Rojas feed off each other's rhythms, and there are times when Guess Is introspective and personal in his musings about life, death, and relationships.

The first track, "Becoming," starts things out right with an aggressive guitar riff. Hauler and Jones lock in quickly, allowing Guess to lead the band's journey. Of the five, track two ("Now or Never") stands out as my personal favorite. There's an energy in this song that is addictive.

Since arriving in my mailbox, I've been spinning these five songs at least twice a week. I've internalized their music and their overall vibe. Those that pay attention to the reviews I write will notice that once a band gets under my skin, I use them as a frame of reference. With that in mind, Kaura joins my list of personal favorites that include Disarray, Somehow Hollow, Count the Stars, Ten Foot Pole, and Pain. You can learn more about the band at www.kaura.com, including getting a listen to the songs on this EP through the audio/video page link.

I will remember Kaura in December when I write my "Best of 2005" article. . .

Rating: A

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