Punk Rock Singles: 1978 - 1999


Sudden Death, 2007


REVIEW BY: Paul Hanson


If you can make it through the insanely ugly punk on this release, you're a better person than I. The punk genre is not known for sharing sharp musical visions and D.O.A. doesn't break any new boundaries with this collection of their singles.

Now, sometimes derivative music can be enjoyable, but this isn't even close.  All the way from the insanely boring "Disco Sucks" to the stunningly awful "Nervous Breakdown," this compilation of the band's singles must be for die-hard D.O.A. fans only. Nobody else will enjoy it.

While some bands progress with each release, others get more annoying. Unfortunately for guitarist/vocalist Joey Shithead, he is the only constant in this band, which has lumbered through an assortment of drummers, bassists and guitarists. The songs arranged in chronological order might make one think that the band got progressively better, or at least branched out into new styles. You'd be wrong. D.O.A. aren't too adventurous and when they are -- like with the drum fills in "Royal Police" -- drummer Chuck Biscuits is sloppy. Shithead just isn't interesting to listen to. There are no highlights on this release. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

For fans, this is a good release, since the liner notes detail who played on the song, where it was recorded and commentary about the context. It's not worth getting this release to read the CD booklet for a bunch of crap songs, but if you do find yourself losing a bet and have to listen to this CD, there is a small perk.

Another mildly interesting note is that these songs are from 1978 - 1999. In 1981, they recorded a single called "Fucked Up Ronnie." Gee, who do you think that is about? And not to be left out, not only did they record "Disco Sucks," they also recorded the follow up in 1981 called "New Wave Sucks." Later, the band recorded "Marijuana Motherfucker" to support NYC pot activist David Peel and the Lower East Side. Yeah, I've never heard of him either. Family life isn't high on the band's postive experiences, judging by "My Old Man's A Bum." It's a suitable song because nothing about this release is a positve experience.

Not even the covers of "That's Life" and "Folsom Prison Blues" can save this release. While "That's Life" suffers from ugly, mispitched vocals, and sloppy musicianship, "Folsom Prison Blues" actually has a groove. Still, the legend's lyrics sounds like slop; the Man in Black deserves better.

Finally, in 1998, they recorded "World Falls Apart." The vocals didn't improve with time and certainly the musicianship did not benefit from years of touring. D.O.A. is an awful band, the epitome of a lack of talent that somehow got a recording contract.

Rating: F

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