Look Without Seeing


Range, 2006


REVIEW BY: Paul Hanson


"If deep in the forest
When a tree falls
If there's no one to hear it
Does it make sound at all?"

Those 23 syllables are the worst part of this CD and they come in the opener "Isn't It." Fortunately, the rest of Look Without Seeing is spot-on, thanks to singer and lyricist Lexi Greene.

Head released Look Without Seeing in 2006 and no one seemed to notice around where I live. Because Linkin Park, Buckcherry and Hinder all continue to generate local rock radio's attention, Philadelphia-based Head is my candidate for Most Overlooked Band of 2006. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

This CD is immaculate. Guitarist Michael Zimney mixes a distorted guitar sound with a clean tone. He plays lots of notes together quickly when the song needs it and lets his notes hold under Greene's vocals. It's all about what's best for the song; no member of Head is a flashy virtuoso and it makes this band, on this release, that much stronger.

Greene's vocal delivery in "Icicle" is  absolutely piercing when she sings "You stood outside my life / controlling from the side / and into my heart / an icicle formed in shards." In "Harder to Find," she makes you believe that "You used to hold my hand for me / when I was needy / you used to make my life complete / now, you're harder to find." This track, in particular, is a showcase for drummer Ron DiSilvestro. The creative hi-hat/cymbal interplay complements the snare backbeat. "Beautiful" is another showcase. The four hi-hat notes that introduce the song's finale are tasteful and right for the song.

There are some deeply introspective lyrics in "Edge of Insane," as Greene sings "Disbelieving, as I'm trying to breathe / still I'm grieving what I've never conceived / I grasp, tripping on foresight / I fall on my ass / feeling pushed by sinking instead when I wanted to fly / . . .  /  All I can't be is me." There are a lot of issues that she is navigating through. By a lesser band, these lyrics would seem whiny, but with Greene's sexy sultry delivery the listener is in her pain, struggling with her for an answer.

There are no filler tracks on this release, which is a relief. Head has assembled a collection of 10 tracks that, save for those 23 syllables, is close to perfect.

Rating: A

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